It's 9AM and you've just woken up and drank some possibly expired pomegranate juice because it's the only drink you have. And you're so thirsty you don't even really taste it so it's fine. Your head hurts. Hangover.

So first you slouch to the closest shop for frozen pizza, tons of orange juice, and sprite. At the till, the familiar clerk chuckles a bit, probably at the combination of what you're buying, the fact that paying seems challenging for you today, and your hangovery face.

You get home, you'd like some mellow music so you boot up your desktop. The highlight of your day so far becomes nailing on the first try the difficult task of selecting Windows on the boot menu before it autoboots to your broken Linux installation. It's such a great victory you decide to share it with someone.

While typing, Windows rebooted the computer because of updates, and it's Linux after all. You sigh, press the power button, try again. The computer now freezes in the BIOS splash screen. And continues to do so despite multiple reboot attempts. It did serve without a hiccup for over 6 years, so that's like, over 2000 days? But today it had enough.

No worries, you have a laptop, you'll use that. Right, so you only have Arch Linux on it because: reasons. You plug the USB cord in, hit play and... The sound is coming from the laptop's speakers. And you couldn't think of anything better to play than Wonderwall since someone sang it last night and it's playing in your head. Great.

Somehow you can now taste the pomegranate juice you didn't taste when you drank it an hour earlier.

Changing the audio output device is surprisingly difficult when you've installed all audio drivers you could find since you had no idea what the buggy and obscure program you found earlier was able to use for midi playback. So you don't know which one is currently being used and thus where the settings are. You feel, possibly are, stupid.

You decide your today's (ad)ventures are asdgkdjfga enough to make it your second blog post, so you write that, and head back to bed hoping beginning your day in the evening will work out better.