Something I can't seem to decide on is whether to spend my spare time on studying or on churning out programming projects to get more actual programming experience, a richer CV, and "lottery tickets" in the sense that one of the projects could some day end up big.

Usually it would be obvious that studies are the way to go, but since I believe VR is going to break through in the next couple of years, and in the long run it's very likely going to change our lives as much as mobile phones and the internet did and do, I think the sooner you get really deep into it, the better are your chances of knowing just what people are going to want next, and to already have that ready when it happens.

In addition to the big and utopistic things like the metaverse and what have you, which definitely are not things someone is going to code up some night alone, just like with mobile phones where someone made the first torchlight app, there's going to be a lot of convenience software for VR where early adopters iron out the edges and squash the easy targets.

I'm not sure if the small things are worth slowing down studies for, but something medium sized might be. So, I've been toying around with the idea of building a some sort multiplayer workspace thing where you have a proper in-game code editor and tools for helping quick (should I say, rabid?) prototyping and playing around with physics objects.

JanusVR has been doing great work on something very much like this plus it's a sort of a web browser. The problem is, it's closed source. I understand it could be because the creator wants to avoid the overhead of managing an open source project and wants to finish the thing first. But I can't just sit and wait while he does that and hope it comes out alright, whenever that will be.

So maybe I should just do it myself, with the focus I'd like it to have. JanusVR's in-game editor looked really ugly and unusable anyway, so with a different focus for my own project, it could actually bring something new to the table rather early in the process. And obviously my efforts would be open source from the start.

One additional idea I've been thinking about including in the project, is maybe combining the whole thing with something resembling a REST API to help communicating between the inside and the outside of the game. Think tweets causing new objects to spawn etc., and events in the "game" causing tweets.